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Pumps Valves and Accessories

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Wet Dry Riser System

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  • Landing valve 
  • Hose cradle 
  • Nozzle 
  • Wet & dry riser cabinet

Water and Foam Deluge System

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  • Water and foam monitor 
  • Nozzle 
  • Deluge valve 
  • Foam tank 
  • Foam proportioner

Wet Chemical Kitchen Hood Suppression System

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Portable Fire Extinguisher

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Hydrant System

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  • Pillar hydrant
  • Hydrant hose
  • Hydrant nozzle
  • Hydrant key
  • Hydrant cabinet

Hose Reel System

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  • Hose reel drum 
  • Hose reel hose 
  • Hose reel nozzle 
  • Nozzle box 
  • Hose reel cabinet

Gaseous Fire Suppression System

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  • FM200 
  • Inert Gas 
  • CO2

 Gas Detection System

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Fire Alarm and Detection System

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  • Fire alarm panel 
  • Smoke & heat detectors 
  • Alarm bell 
  • Horn 
  • Manual pull & breakglass 

Automatic Wet Sprinkler System

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  • Sprinkler head 
  • Sprinkler alarm check valve 
  • Flow switch